Advanced Commercial Cinematography w/ Oliver Millar, csc | WC Ep. 4

In episode four of our ongoing YouTube series, World Class, Vistek video producer Dale Sood Skypes with commercial cinematographer Oliver Millar, csc.

Cinematographer Oliver Millar, csc, has helmed the camera for some of the most advanced and creative commercials today and takes us through his processes and the equipment that he uses to create his visual masterpieces.

You may, in fact, have already seen some of Oliver’s work for:

In the course of their hour-long discussion, Dale and Oliver talk about all the prep and equipment that go into making large-scale productions happen and how consumer products help him to produce beautiful images.

Advanced Commercial Cinematography


Chapter Time Stamps

1:16 — Backstory
 4:26 — Skill evolution
 6:15 — Automobile Cinematography
 8:22 — Shooting with a Russian Arm
 9:49 — Case Study: Lexus Waterfalls — BTS
 16:27 — Scouting Process & Pre-vis planning
 20:23 — Multi-Cam shoot — matching cameras
 22:57 — Working with teams & specialists
 24:55 — Pre Pro/Pre-vis
 28:26 — Sony A7S for scouting
 29:51 — DSLR on set as an exposure & framing tool
 33:07 — Lighting the final product shot
 34:27 — Arri SkyPanels
 38:38 — Post Production
 42:21 — Lenses and avoiding bad lenses
 46:40 — The rise of Anamorphic
 50:42 — Drawing (personal) inspiration
 52:54 — Gimbals vs Stedicam vs Dolly
 58:21 — Work-Life Balance
 2:03:55 — Getting a CSC/ASC/BSC designation

Oliver Millar

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