From Start to Finish — Peter McKinnon’s Video Production Workflow

Peter McKinnon has arguably one of the hottest photo / video related YouTube channels running right now, offering a ton great of tutorials, equipment reviews and tips and tricks videos.

In fact, Peter’s YouTube channel audience has rocketed to over a million people in less than 9 months due in-part to his unique style and delivery when it comes to providing his incredibly engaging content within the photo / video world.

Peter McKinnon on ProFusion Expo Main Stage
Peter McKinnon on ProFusion Expo Main Stage
Peter McKinnon in front of a packed audience at ProFusion Expo

If you attended ProFusion Expo in Toronto this past November, you probably caught one of Peter’s extremely popular main stage presentations and already know how engaging he can be.

In this particular video, Peter walks us step-by-step through his video production workflow, including the equipment he uses, how he lights his studio and post production including his choice of colour-grading software.

So sit back, and watch as Peter guides you through his video production process from start to finish.

Peter McKinnon — How I Make A Video — Start to Finish


If you want to follow Peter online, you can find him on the following social sites:

Instagram: @petermckinnon
Twitter: @petermckinnon
Facebook: @petermckinnonphoto

And finally, special thanks to for originally bringing this video and many other great learning videos to our attention.

Originally published at Pro Photo Blog.