Visual Roulette
Apr 20, 2015 · 2 min read

Do you think Roulette is a game of luck or a game of skill ?I have been dealing Roulette for almost 30 years,Never seen a Roulette player wins consistently unless he had some dealer skills.Only dealers can know or predict where the ball will fall based on their daily experience and training.Actually some Vegas Casinos train one or 2 dealers to hot a certain sector or even a number on the wheel.Have you ever seen a Roulette table loaded with tons of money and the dealer hits the only empty number on the table making every body lose?That happens a lot.It is not bad luck.It is just a good dealer.

It is your best interest to place your bets right after the dealer spins,This way you only have to face the table edge not the both the dealer and the game edge.The odds are agains you.However i have seen players walking a winners every day by playing certain skill bets based on Visual Prediction which is considered the best Roulette winning system and best way to win at Roulette.

Visual Roulette Prediction depends on spin point or release point so you have to train your eye on determining that release point.Right after the dealer releases the ball you have to watch some points on the wheel where the ball intersects with those points and that’s how you determine the winning number/numbers.

The advantage of such skill is that you watch the dealer before you risk your money.So you only start money play or real play after you do some free predictions making sure that you qualified the table or the dealer.Even after you start betting it is ok to loose 6 spins because if you hit on the 7th you walk away a winner and that what they call it a recovery progression.

I have seen players hit 14 spins in a row without and single miss in between.It is well known to every body that math system doesn’t work and you only need one losing streak to lose all your money. Betting RED/Black,ODD/Even.High/Low and all outside bets will never make you money and will lose long term.

To win at roulette and master the game and reach some financial stability playing Roulette, You have to be a professional roulette player with a dealer skills.Expert Roulette dealers knows where the ball will fall each and every spin.

There are so many Roulette training schools that teach you how to become a Roulette Croupier in less than a week.It is easy.To be a Roulette dealer you have to learn how to spin the ball and how to calculate the payouts.So basically you would only want to learn the first part because you do not need the second part unless you want to work at a casino.

Also now you can learn online with the presence of high technology apps and communication plathforms.

Good Luck & Enjoy!

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    Visual Roulette

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    Roulette Expert

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