Poetic Fashion | [ 3.21.15 ]

Rittenhouse Square

When you take “A Look Inside”, The poetry is the pulse of a renewed heart and the tempo of it’s beat is the passion and happiness in this young poet’s life.

“Good morning. Breathe. May your first breath be that of excitement for the day ahead. smile. May that smile be the spark for many moments of laughter and joy continually today. Stretch. May this force of pressure applied be a metaphor for you accomplishing your goals for the day and being prosperous. And when your eyes meet these words let them see their worth and instill a feeling of a good day ahead” -La’Perria Wendell Harvin
VX: How does your passion for Poetry influence your sense of style?
WH: Passion for poetry influences my style when I decide to dress for the mood of writing I’m in. When I’m in a happy go lucky love can rule the world joyous mood: I might throw on some lighter colors or maybe even my Kobe throw back. If I’m in a more darker mood I’ll keep it with darker colors: my maroon long sweater, more bundling up. Overall: I always wear all black. Good mood, bad mood, going out to binge create or a hiatus from writing. All black is classic, timeless and can go with anything (or mood) just went and shot a key piece for my new book in all black. It took the focus off of me when shooting. No flashy colors, no decals air pins; just me and the camera directing. And it was all love.
Whether It’s Peace or Happiness, Let It Enfold You
What We Do Is Not To Better Ourselves, But To Inspire Those Who Are Watching
“Style is expressing who you are” | Jonathan Jackson Founder of VintageXpressions
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