How to add VITA INU to your Vite Wallet and trade on the ViteX exchange

Vita Inu (VINU)
3 min readNov 14, 2021


The following will show you how to add VITA INU ($VINU) to your Vite Wallet and trade on the ViteX exchange.

Install the wallet:

  1. Download and install the Vite Wallet :

Play Store:

Apple Store:

2. Open the app and setup your account. Critical you record your wallet seed and store it in a safe place. This will allow you to restore your wallet if you ever lose your device.

Once you wallet is setup you can use an online bridge for it as well on desktop:

Add the Token (VINU) to your Wallet:

  1. Open the Wallet App
  2. You should be on the Wallet section at the bottom
  3. Click the blue plus button on the Wallet Asset list to add a new one
Steps 1 to 3 above

4. Search for “VINU-001” and toggle it on

Showing Step 4 above

5. Click back and you should now see VINU-001 in your Wallet Asset list (please note you can follow the same process to add any other asset on VITE to your wallet)

How to receive VINU to your Wallet:

If you have no VINU, that is fine! Just showing how you can do it in the future. This also is the same steps if you want to send VITE or any other coin/token for the wallet.

  1. Back on the main Wallet page of your app, click on VINU
  2. You should see a receive button
  3. Click on it and press the copy address to copy your address

Your address should be something like: vite_123ads213…..321c

Showing Step 2 and 3 above

4. Now that you have your address you can send VINU to it.

How to Send Crypto to your Trading wallet within the Vite Wallet:

To trade you are going to need to send the crypto from your wallet to your trading wallet.

  1. Choose Assets at the bottom
  2. Click on the transfer button
Step 1 and 2

3. In the transfer screen choose:

  • From Main Wallet to Trading wallet (or the opposite if you are removing from your trade wallet)
  • Token Symbol VINU-001 (or whatever you are transferring)
  • Amount of tokens
  • Hit the transfer button when done

4. It will prompt for your wallet password that you setup when configuring your wallet.

Step 3 Above

5. When asked “Get Quote” choose the Run POW option

6. Done!

7. Now you can go to the trade screen (button on the bottom of the app) and trade your VINU for VITE or VITE for VINU (or future trading pairs coming!)



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