VitaLife Reviews Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Apr 30 · 3 min read

Providing the appropriate diet for your puppy can result in a healthy dog throughout all your furry, friendly years together. Puppies must have the proper blend of protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals for optimal growth and development. The best foods for your dog should be grain-free and made with only all-natural ingredients, like the delicious and nutritious wet and dry dog food from VitaLife.

Dog Food Framework

As with all mammals, it is important that a puppy feeds on his or her mother’s milk (or a surrogate) to get the important nutrients they need for development. It is also important that puppies are not weaned too early, as the feeding mother also teaches behavioral skills like learning dominance and inhibiting biting habits. Three to four weeks of age is a good timeline to start weaning your puppy, which is typically completed in about eight weeks.

When switching puppies from the nipple to solid food, separate them from the mother for just a couple hours at a time and introduce the food. You will probably need to encourage them to eat at first by putting some on your finger and letting them lick it off, simulating the suckling they are used to. Never push a puppy’s nose into the food or gruel.

As your dog ages, watch for changes in their appetite and diet. Just like humans, their dietary needs will change as they grow older. VitaLife has products to meet the needs at all stages.

Healthy Puppy Profile

It is pretty easy to spot a healthy dog. When your dog is getting the proper nutrition and exercise, he or she will have:

  • Bright and clear eyes
  • A shiny clean coat
  • A healthy nose with no excessive dryness
  • Clean ears with no odor or discharge
  • Spurts of energy between rest time. (Puppies may sleep 18–20 hours per day. The average adult dog sleeps 12–14 hours.)

The VitaLife Difference

All domestic dogs have descended from wolves, so they retain their carnivorous diet. They must have good, clean, quality protein. Big corporation store-brand dog food manufacturers are more concerned with making money than making sure you have a healthy dog. They use very poor and even compromised or diseased protein sources, and they add bulk to the food with fillers like grains, fast food waste, and even newspaper and sawdust.

VitaLife dry dog food uses only raw salmon (excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids), lamb (excellent source of amino acids), or chicken (high-protein, low-fat) that is freeze-dried for maximum nutritional value. Sweet potato is added for flavor and fiber.

You love that little fuzz-face, so keep your dog happy and healthy when you order VitaLife’s newest freeze-dried, nutrient-rich dry dog food, wet dog food, and doggy treats. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact us!


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VitaLife is committed to produce all natural dog food and treats that are simple in their ingredients.

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