Atomic Product Management

Really useful article, thank you!

It reminded me a lot of a wonderful concept by Jeff Patton that I just recently came across, the “user story map”. I really like the map analogy, and with two extra levels at the top (to accommodate the “Vision” and the “strategic objectives”) I think it can be a powerful visualization tool for the “atomic product management” framework.

You mention that tasks/stories are optional on the ‘wall-mounted’ version of the framework. I think they should be included whenever possible — depending on the scale of the entire product . I think it really helps to keep the big picture in mind even when you’re focusing on a very specific task. Hence why I really liked the “user story map” concept; it forces you to question the “why” of every specific feature or task.

Just a quick question, when using the pyramid analogy, shouldn’t the pyramid be reversed? I would say that the “vision” is the foundation, the base on top of which all the other levels of the product (“strategic objectives”, “roadmap”, “tasks/stories”) should be built.

The tasks, roadmap and strategic objectives can change, but the vision will ideally remain the same. I believe it’s easier to modify the top of a pyramid than its bottom.

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