Goodbye winter — Hello spring

Hooray!!! Finally winter is over and I hope every day will be more sun and warm. The day becomes longer and the night shorter. The street will be warm and beautiful. Spring is most beautiful time of the year for me

Now let’s talk about four categories


I have already read two сhapter of pleasure reading book. Also I thirty days in a row and it’s a whole month to do on duolingo. I guess this is the highest achievement this week for me. I started to go to bed earlier and feel more energetic the next morning. However, I have time to do the homework completely.
I began to understand allmost all tenses


I learn Future Perfect and Future Perfect Progressive tenses. Also I learned how use passive voice on the various tenses.

To be on the ball — быть в форме
to throw a curve ball — удивить, поразить
three strike and you are out — три проступка это предел
to strike out — провалиться
to be way off base — ошибаться
to say something right off the bat — сказать с ходу, без подготовки
a ballpark figure — примерно
to hit a homerun — делать что-то невероятно хорошо
a pinch-hitter — замена в трудную минуту
to cover all the bases — перестраховаться
to touch all the bases — быть хорошо готовым
to step up to the plate — взять чью-то работу на себя
it all depends — как сказать; поживем увидим
short-term thinking — краткосрочное рассуждение
to be a fittness freak — помешан на спорте
to be a sports fanatic — помешан на просмотре спорта
to root for a team — поддерживать или болеть за команду

The main challenge this week is to begin to practice retell the big text. It’s pretty hard for me to retell a large text. I must try to speak English more and more, even with mistakes, but if I keep quiet I’ll never know my mistakes and won’t correct them


After visiting the blogs of my classmates, I realized that four categories is a good experience for the development and maturation of a person. Everyone puts their personal goals and achieve them. It is great to read the following post, where a man is happy in his achievement. From the beginning of my youth I set myself micro goals the system consists of a great goal. The system of four categories is the same. This system works well and everyone likes it

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