Second week of 2nd semester


I started to try to repeat after the host . To tell the truth I’m not very good at doing it but great achievements are not attained at once. You need some time to stumble before you reach the top. “Hard work beat talent when talent doesn’t work” this is phrase said my favorite player Kevin Durant. I agree with him

My every morning last week starts with the solution of tasks on duolingo. I already have fifteen consecutive days it is not much but the important thing is to start. Habit occurs after 21 days in a row. I experienced it. English taks activate my brain after sleep and begin to think in English in the morning.


I learned how to use Past Perfect and Past Perfect Progressive. I hope I well understood.

Some words and phrase:

Fast-paced — быстро развивающийся
 to swim breaststroke плавать брассом
To feel at ease — быть расслабленным
To go all red — покраснеть
A club — клюшка для гольфа 
to hand-glade- летать на дельтаплане
To stutter — заикаться
tenderness — нежность
 paddle- ракетка для пинг-понга
quicksilver — ртуть
razor — лезвие, бритва
good breeding — хорошее воспитание
earmuffs — меховые наушники 
shovel — совок
to soar — парить
cur -щенок
medicine cabinet — аптечка
bad cough — сильный кашель 
squirm — ежиться
to chop off — отрубить
reed — тростник
severe cold — серьёзная простуда
hernia — грыжа
gurney — больничная каталка
to be admitted for observation — лечь в больницу на обследование

My English teacher in school told me to use to translate only Multitran. I didn’t believe it and used other sources. Multitran I used only sometimes, but when I did vocabulary work on the film and realized that this resource is needed for successful understanding.

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