Spring midterms soon😒

My challenges

Midterms soon that’s why I started to worry about their results. I should be on the ball to pass midterms. Preparation for midterms is my main challenge of these two weeks. I should perform to write all dialogs and also develop them correctly.

My sharing

Last two weeks the black streak haunts me. I hope that next two weeks the luck and attentiveness will be back to me. Last week we tried to be a synchronous interpretor and I failed this opportunity. But I will try to improve my language and speech skills.

P.S. Happy Easter

My achievements

I helped our basketball University team won the first game, but we lose second game, because the team felt the victory too early and lost concentration, so we failed 4th quarters. It says about small experience of players.

My discoveries

Brithes — бриджи

Stiches — стяжок

Aloud speaker — громкоговоритель

Leak — протечка

Attic — чердак

Storage room — кладовка

Emaciated — худощавый

Hedgehog — еж 
Bumble bee — шмель

Ammonia — аммиак

Turn out — вывернутый

Cozy — уютный

Caviar — красный икра

Competitors=rivals — соперники

To reside — проживать

Poise — гармония, баланс 
Baldpatch — лысина

Patch — грядка

To braid — заплетать косички

To dye — красить волосы 
Dandruff shampoo — шампунь против перхоти 
Salt and pepper — черный с проседью 
To forger — подделывать

Weather-beaten — обветреные

Doesn’t match — не подходит по цвету

Doesn’t go well with — не подходит

Doesn’t fit — не подходит по размеру

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