Winter Break Challenges (The end of January)

25–27th January

I’ve been thinking which movie to watch. I decided to revisit my favorite trilogy “the Lord of the ring” in English.

Dad and I like to review this movies. Of course I watched with subtitles. Before viewing, I thought that I will not be interested and I won’t understand from the speech of the characters. But I really like it. I would like to watch three part of “Hobbit” in English. This is my goal for the end of February. Despite these enormous length movies in three days, I tried to do as much as possible to improve my English, but I realized that an hour and an hour and a half is sufficient to maintain and improve my knowledge.

The next phrase I will try to start to use in my speech:

the next phrase and word I will try to start to use in my speech:

You Shall Not Pass! — Ты не пройдешь!

The wanderer — странник

Anyone can change their future if you want. — Любой может изменить свое будущее, если захочет.

My precious — моя прелесть

Chump — чурбан, болван.

28–29 of December, I decided to watch Sherlock. My friends recommended to watch it. I watched two series and I did not like. Maybe because I don’t understand the meaning of the film or it seems to me that the film is not similar to reality. Or because I started watching with the fourth season. I don’t know why but the series has not inspired me to continue to watch it. Some of the series and the truth to plant people and they want to watch a new series constantly.

I liked some jokes and funny moments from these series.

Some phrases:

— Do you want a cup of tea?
 — Thank you.
 — The kettle is over there.

Happiness is pop, melancholy is a poem. — Счастье— это попса, тоска— это поэма

More than a great. He is a good man. — Больше чем великий. Он — хороший человек.

People will science their bodies to scientist, but the cannibals still nobler will. — Люди свои трупы завещают науке, но каннибалы всё-таки благороднее будут.

The best way to help yourself is to help others. — Лучший способ помочь себе — помогать другим.

Dummy — болван

For five days I watched movies. I decided to change the range of activities and wanted to start to read a pleasure reading book but I haven’t bought the book. In my native city don’t sell literature in foreign languages so I look forward to returning to Nizhny Novgorod to buy it and start to read.

My tutor in phonetics advised me to do some assignment at the LinguaLeo. I tried to do exercises on English times and to be honest I was better to understand them. I did exercises every day to feed the lion but during the winter finals, I gave up. During winter break I decided to check my knowledge at English times. As always, I was not happy with the result and did until not made of mistakes.

Tell the truth, the 31st of January, I spent only 30 minutes in English. I was disappointed with this result. I have looked all over only two Ted talks video.(How to find work you love; How does the human brain during a conversation)

In one of the videos talked about how to bring to the man of your idea and how to make sure that you were understood. I think these tips will be helpful, especially for future teachers, diplomats, orators.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work

This was also the day I learned the results of the Winter English finals. I was not happy with the result. I understand that there is still a lot of work and most importantly the best work.I must keep going work even harder and better. Sports taught me how to do step by step to the great goal. Every month I set myself microcell and reach it. If I tell the truth my goal came true and now it’s time for new goals. For me the important thing is to prove to myself that I will be able to achieve your goal and others will see your success.

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