Vitalik Buterin
Sep 24, 2018 · 1 min read

Missed a few that I’m proud of!

13. has turned into a reputable research venue with significant amounts of activity happening in multiple areas, including Plasma, sharding, Casper, economics, ZK-SNARKs, and many high-quality contributors.

14. Barry Whitehat’s work on using ZK-SNARKs inside ethereum for scalability and privacy:

15. Progress in Casper and sharding and protocol development in general has become vastly less dependent on myself personally. The Ethereum governance layer has successfully navigated controversial issues (EIP 999, issuance reduction) with minimal or no participation from myself personally.

16. Multiple decentralized exchanges have already launched and are usable today, with more coming soon.

17. There’s amazing progress not just on wallet UX, but also on wallet security. There are multiple wallets implementing trusted hardware defenses, third party multisig backups, social recovery for keys, and various other solutions that I think will be actually viable at protecting people against loss and theft (loss being the bigger issue by a considerable margin).

18. Cross-team, cross-continent collaboration on the various strands of research and development is going very well, with calls happening every two weeks for various topics (there is now a sharding/casper call, plasma call, and state channels call).

    Vitalik Buterin

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