Vitalik Buterin
Jul 2 · 1 min read

Thank you for engaging!

> All of this would be impossible without the assumption of an honest majority.

It’s not quite an honest majority assumption; proofs of custody protect against the particularly likely class of dishonest rational behavior that is laziness, and data availability and fraud proofs can allow for rejection of invalid chains being propagated by malicious 51% attackers, and in the latter case penalization of validators attesting to invalid chains. I’d argue that while it’s not perfect there’s significant improvements compared to the usual “honest majority” model popular in academia.

> Computation / Storage

I agree that post-sharding capacity will not be infinite and people will sometimes want even more scalability! So this is an important point; there will continue to be large room for scaling L2s post-Serenity.

> Many people believe that Ethereum 2.0 is an upgrade to Ethereum. But, as it currently stands, it looks much more like a replacement. Currently, there is no set plan to migrate over the existing infrastructure from Ethereum 1.0

This was very true when this article was written (May 11), but arguably not today; there is momentum around folding eth1 in as an execution environment inside of eth2.

> Lastly, there has never been a replacement of a blockchain of this magnitude in all of history.

I agree the eth2 plan is ambitious!

Look forward to seeing what SKALE comes up with!

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