Zk-SNARKs: Under the Hood

  • A is a linear combination of a set of polynomials {A_1…A_m}
  • B is the linear combination of {B_1…B_m} with the same coefficients
  • C is a linear combination of {C_1…C_m} with the same coefficients
  • G * A_1(t), G * A_1(t) * k_a
  • G * A_2(t), G * A_2(t) * k_a
  • G * B_1(t), G * B_1(t) * k_b
  • G * B_2(t), G * B_2(t) * k_b
  • G * C_1(t), G * C_1(t) * k_c
  • G * C_2(t), G * C_2(t) * k_c
  • π_a = G * A(t), π’_a = G * A(t) * k_a
  • π_b = G * B(t), π’_b = G * B(t) * k_b
  • π_c = G * C(t), π’_c = G * C(t) * k_c
  1. decrypt(old_balance, k) ≥ decrypt(tx_value, k)
  2. decrypt(old_balance, k) - decrypt(tx_value, k) = decrypt(new_balance, k)
  • Dividing (A * B - C) / Z to get H (algorithms based on the Fast Fourier transform can do this in sub-quadratic time, but it’s still quite computationally intensive)
  • Making the elliptic curve multiplications and additions to create the A(t), B(t), C(t) and H(t) values and their corresponding pairs




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Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin

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