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Mar 2 · 1 min read

Introducing VIA for Founders!

VitalizeVC and IrishAngels are excited to announce the launch of a video and podcast series dedicated to helping founders with formation, operations, and financing questions.

The series consists of three to five-minute segments that cover topics such as “Conducting Competitive Research” and “Cold Discovery Emails”. You can find the first five episodes posted to YouTube for video as well as SoundCloud, Google, Spotify, and Apple for the podcast. Listeners are able to subscribe/follow and should expect one new episode each week.

We hope this format will provide a one-to-many approach in allowing our team to share learnings with founders. We get so many questions and requests for one-on-one conversations that we unfortunately cannot respond to them all (though we wish we could). This is our way to give back, and we welcome any questions you might like us to answer in a future episode.

Thanks for checking it out! Please comment below to let us know what you think.

Vitalize Venture Group

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We invest $10M+ annually into startups. Our early stage platform includes VitalizeVC (a B2B fund) and IrishAngels (a network of individual angels).

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