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Prioritizing features at an early stage of the product is a bummer — the Kano model helps us understand in which features to invest, how much, and what is our Wow feature.

tl;dr (or when to use the Kano model)

Like all product teams and freelance designers, we are limited by time and resources. The Kano model helps us identify:

👍 What are the minimum features the user expects to have.

✌️ What features will enhance the user’s experience.

👌 What feature has the potential to be a Wow feature.

This article is the 2nd in a two part series — to the previous chapter in which I demonstrate how to establish an 8pt grid.

What are Design Systems for?

If you and your team aren’t using a Design System (DS), please open the latest project in your favorite design software, and count the myriad…

Start your UI project right with this extended framework for the 8pt grid: Typography, Icons and Layout.

This article is the 1st in a two part series — to the next chapter in which I demonstrate how to create a Design System on top 8pt grid.

In this article I…

If you’re working on an entirely new product for an entirely new company with harsh constraints, this guide is for you. It’s not easy nor short.

A few months ago I was approached by a startup to design the experience of a new product. Their aim is to revitalize and update the eCards we’re all familiar with from the early 00', and bring them to the here and now. Playful and short animations, with your content…


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