My Car Makes Me Feel Stoopid
Stewart Alsop

I thought I was forever a BMW loyalist. In search of the optimal forum’s to share my experience, I discovered your post. I agree with you, having noticed the same things and then some, and while frustrated, I think I was blinded by my self-created cloud of evangelical delusion — over a car company. I think part of it was being able to finally feel excited and positive about a customer experience — thinking maybe BMW had something different, something that was sustainable. It was point in my consumer lifetime that I proactively and thoroughly followed up provide service and product feedback. After each of my two successive BMW purchases, I asked for their preferred forum for posting reviews and then invested the time to write something meaningful. But, alas, it turns out they too, disappoint. In many ways. Thank you BMW Financial Services and today, Eddie specifically, for reeling me back to reality. But not for the disrespectful, ignorant and condescending conversation today, I might still be running off at the mouth like a deft polyanna. You reminded me that I am not a person of any stature, I am not able to reach and capture the attention of any meaningful audience — well, really any audience beyond my immediate family. You and your colleagues reminded me that I don’t belong and never will— replete with the red-faced shame and feeling of foolishness that comes with those moments. At 45, I hadn’t experienced that in a while — I suppose I was due a good jolt to remind me that if I were of that level of the accomplished and successful, I would have anticpated the complex, draining and entangled mess life can become, unexpectedly, and bring one to their knees. A high conflict, seemingly never-ending divorce proceeding and the financial destruction — the true elite are well insulated and prepared for those moments. Its the quivering wannabees that hit the skids.

The things cited here that are a huge annoyance with BMW — yes, they are. There are a lot of them. And I had an Audi’s before my BMW’s, my ex-wife her own ‘luxury’ vehicles. The BMW quirks, were the most pronounced, unforgiving, and if things falter, expensive and inconvenient to fix. Much more so than any other — and I consistently heard that from others who found certain “features” of my BMW insufferable to the point of anger and a stern “how can you stand this car”. Trying to hard, that’s how.

I drove a Ford Explorer this week — not bad at all. Honestly, as good, or better. And they didn’t treat me like dirt.

I too, will never buy a BMW again. My commentary is empty, I am aware, but — it does make me feel at least a few minutes of vindication.

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