As you requested, we have made all necessary changes to our platform

Viuly Official
Jul 25, 2018 · 2 min read

We’ve received dozen of useful reviews, questions and reports from our community and we applied it to our platform:

Here is the list of changes what we have done:
— We’ve made the header smaller so content part has more space to show videos
— We’ve redesigned the video galleries — it is shiny new and more usable now
— In the list of videos section (Trending, New videos), we’re now showing 4 videos per row — so you’ll see from 12 to 20 videos on your screen
— Ads block on main page is back! Fill free to promote your channels to get more views and VIUs
— Spacers are smaller, shadows almost gone — everything now is clear and nice
— Single video page now includes full-width screen video player — you don’t even need to use fullscreen mode to enjoy screenplay
— Mobile version has now dozen of improvements for smartphones and tablets (but we still recommend to install native apps for Android and iOS)
— Notifications now are clear and big — you’ll never miss them!
— Even the longest video title and description can be read now
— Confirmed channels are marked with icon — you’ll never be confused by fake popular channels
— Top channels page has brand new sliders too and you can subscribe or unsubscribe from channel right on this page
— We’ve updated subscribed videos page and history of views — again you can unsubscribe from channels right on that pages
— Uploading video process now is smooth and simple — we’ve fixed some bugs
— Translations updated, along with better readability of whole Viuly
— We’ve made fonts smaller and placed accent on videos
— Links to login and registration were replaced with icons on smartphones
— We’ve translated captcha so now you can prove you’re a human on your own language

Also we’re releasing updates on the mobile apps every 2–4 days — so please update your version to get the most out of the Viuly apps.
Even more functions — along with video upload functionality.

Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook, Twitter — many surprises and cool features will be released soon.

If you’ve noticed some error — do not hesitate to contact us by email or reach out to our official Telegram group — we appreciate your comments & help!

All the best,

Viuly Team

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