Important Viuly Update: VIU Tokens to be Airdropped to ALL ETH Holders Shortly

As you know here at Viuly our priority has always been to build the blockchain video platform of the future, and we have decided to choose a different model rather than using an ICO to distribute our tokens and drive mass adoption of the platform at

We are going to close our ICO at 19:00 GMT Tuesday the 17th of October, and instead airdrop EVERY ETH wallet VIU tokens, at a rate of 5 VIU for each ETH in their wallet.

The airdrop date and time is to be announced soon to give people time to transfer their ETH to a wallet that can receive the tokens, such as myetherwallet.

Immediate changes:

  • Viuly will be closing the pre sale at 19:00 GMT Tuesday the 17th of October, and there will be no future public ICO rounds
  • Instead of focusing on ICO funding, Viuly will instead focus on building the platform at which was always our number one focus
  • ~500 Million VIU tokens will be airdropped to every ETH address, at a ratio of 5 VIU per ETH. To be able to claim these tokens you must have the ETH in a wallet that supports ERC20 tokens such as myetherwallet, or Mist
  • If you have already contributed to the pre sale, you have the option of either: 1.) Receiving 3x the number of tokens you have purchased as a thank you, and Viuly keeps the ETH you have donated to help us fund development 2.) If you would like a full refund, please just email with your Ether address. As soon as you have sent the VIU tokens from your wallet back to our address, your refund for your Ether will be processed.

Please stay tuned for our official announcement of the airdrop.

We are excited to be making these changes! We believe an airdrop of VIU tokens to ALL ETH wallets will greatly help drive adoption and use of our blockchain video platform.

It will mean everyone will have VIU tokens they can use to promote their videos on the platform, and can become involved.

Please stay tuned for more updates, including the VIU airdrop time and date!

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A new bitcointalk thread about our airdrop will also be created soon.

Best wishes,

Team Viuly