Viuly Video Platform is Going to Mainnet. Important News!

Viuly Official
Dec 15, 2017 · 2 min read

Mainnet Connection

The mainnet connection will take place Monday, December 18th. Users will be able to deposit and withdraw VIU tokens from the platform, to and from their ethereum wallets.

To withdraw VIU tokens to their ethereum wallet, a user must have 1 star rank. In order to get that rank, a user has to be active and add value to the video platform, by uploading good quality video content, watching, liking and commenting on other author’s videos, and inviting new users.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 VIU.

All withdrawal requests will be processed within 3 business days, so please don’t expect instant withdrawal.

New Referral Program

Next week we will release a new 3-tier referral program. For this, we allocated 30 Million VIU tokens. Users will earn bonus VIU tokens for referring people on 3 levels:

1st level: 10 VIU + 5% from referral earnings

2nd level: 7 VIU + 2% from referral earnings

3rd level: 5 VIU + 1% from referral earnings

Promotion For Advertisers

Deposit minimum 10 000 VIU and spend them on advertising and get 10 000 VIU bonus on your next deposit!

Example: you deposit 10 000 VIU and spend them on promoting your video ad. The next time you deposit 20 000 VIU, but will get 30 000 VIU in your viuly wallet, with the 10 000 token bonus.

Best wishes,

Viuly Team

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