We are glad to announce that our token SWAP is successfully completed!

Viuly Official
Nov 8, 2018 · 2 min read

We are glad to announce that our token SWAP is successfully completed on 30th of October at 23.59!
Which means the old VIU token is no longer active!
But new VIU token is sucessfuly being traded and used on Viuly.io as we speak!

We are doing this announcement with a slight delay as we needed to be sure that everything is working correctly. We can now say with certainty, that the SWAP has been successfully completed with no delays!

As we announced initially, the timeframe was of 30 days — from 1st to 30 of October. So we are pleased to say we have kept to our timeframes.

As planned, trading and transfers within the platform of the new VIU token successfuly started from the 1st of November!

Exchanges that you can trade the new VIU token as before are:

• BIT-Z Exchange
Official announcement: https://twitter.com/BitZExchange/status/1057830619214827521

• LIVECOIN Exchange
Official announcement: https://www.livecoin.net/ru/news/view/15

Official announcement: https://twitter.com/Aurora_dao/status/1058078805191909376

The above exchanges did all what was needed within the time frames speculated by our team, they have really assisted with the whole process and we would like to say a big “THANK YOU!” to all representatives of these exchanges who made this complicated task a walk in the park! We can not give enough merit to professionalism of the above-mentioned exchanges’ teams and wish the the best in their future business development.

At the same time
•OKEx exchange
also made an announcement about VIU Swap:

But is it very unfortunate to say, that it is misinformation especially to its own users. We can confirm NO Swaping from OKEx took place.

Be advised: OKEx now is still using old VIU tokens for trading, which are obsolete as of 31 of October. Please be careful and do not follow suit!

Many Thanks for the continued support.

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