We are proud to present you with the latest Viuly.io Beta Version.

Viuly is coming up with fresh new widescale update.

Viuly Official
Aug 15, 2018 · 2 min read

The new design is created to make Viuly.io more user friendly, both from a look and touch perspective. New colours, better typography, graphical delivery and better front-end solutions, are all a part of the new revamp intended to make the whole Viuly.io experience, second to none.

Viuly.io goes mobile! Now you can have all the experience with Viuly.io directly from your smart phone apps, up-to-date mobile apps are available from both iOS and Android.

New content strategy! For Viuly.io, the content interface is top priority! New additions include: Editor’s Choice, Hot, Fresh, My Feed and smart theme feeds to feed your interests.

Live streaming! Yes, we have launched Live Streaming! Live streaming is available from your smartphone camera, webcam or any video camera connected to your PC. No need for any additional software.

Advanced security! Peace of mind Re Account Safety, is an absolute must for Viuly.io! We have integrated SMS verification to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access, initiated Double verification, as well as the user receiving Notifications upon every Log in.

New advertising options! We have implemented two new Advertising options!

1. Direct banner & advertising: banner ads displayed above, those videos that are part of the targeting strategy!

2. Search results advertising, allows to keep content on top of every related search query.

We would like to thank you for your continuous support. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook, Twitter — many cool features will be released soon.

If you’ve noticed some error — do not hesitate to contact us by email support@viuly.io or reach out to our official Telegram group — we appreciate your comments & help!

All the best,

Viuly Team


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