Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

I think you have been courageous to raise these issues, you’ve asked valid questions and made relevant points of constructive criticism in a balanced way and even though some people don’t agree with your analysis one would hope it could be met with respectful and creative discussion in the spirit with which you offer it. This may sound like a naive question as you maybe already do this, but there are many thoughtful and sound folk like yourself around who care about the success of the shift towards socialism that has begun under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, so I wonder if bringing together people such as Craig Murray, Paul Mason, Peter Stefanovic and others that you will know about and I don’t (my dream team would also include Yanis Varoufakis and Caroline Lucas), could lead to a form of constructive cooperation in which a synthesis of all your excellent knowledge and experience could be contributed to Mr Corbyn and his team? No-one can be perfect so every genuinely concerned contribution must surely help them (and all of us) move steadily towards the goals we all share.

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