Never, never let your toes get stiff!

A short read by Viva la Vida!

A few years ago, at the end of a flip flop summer, the day was cold and I had to wear closed shoes.

What a bad surprise! One of my toes had folded in a hammer like shape, or claw like shape, and wearing the shoe was painful.

I managed to solve this problem wearing softer or larger shoes for several years but recently the problem got worse so I decided to visit an orthopedic specialist. After examining my foot he offered 2 options:

· I could have surgery

· I could use custom orthotics and also stretch my toe every day, folding and unfolding it several times at the joint so it doesn’t lose the flexibility it still have.

I decided I would avoid the surgical procedure and give a try to the orthotics. He gave me a prescription and to the orthopedic shop I went.

There I had my feet prints taken, it is as easy as taking your finger prints! A few days later I collected my new custom orthotics and tried them on.

I am adapting to them for a few days and as soon as I consider they are fine I can go back to the shop and have them lined.

They felt strange on the first day, but on the second day I was already used to them.

Also, every day I do my toe stretching exercises while lying in bed in the morning and at night before sleeping.

I hope my toe will get better, however I know I have waited too long. Our toes need some stretching, the same way the rest of our body does. So, as I said at the top: check your toes and never, never let them get stiff!