#5: The British, not the Americans, represented independence for the enslaved people

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American war of independence (1775–1783). (credit Wikipedia)

The American War of Independence (1775–83) began once people of the thirteen North American colonies of the British crown demanded more freedom within the British rule. When did the French join the fight, though? How nearly did the British come to winning the battle? How autocratic was the rule of King George III?

Here are ten lesser-known but interesting facts about the 18th-century war that saw the revolt of thirteen of the North American colonies of the United Kingdom which declared themselves independent, they called themselves the United States of America.

#1: The British almost managed to win the battle in 1776

At the end of the summer in 1776, the British army imposed a major defeat on Washington’s forces in Long Island (also called the Battle of Brooklyn). The British then marched on to New York City, following the disintegrating remnants of the U.S. forces through New Jersey to the Delaware River. …

Accept your mistake and start making a different day today

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Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

If your work involves something complicated or challenging, at some point, somewhat may go wrong. An action can have unintended consequences. You will know that your plan has a lower chance of success. You may also make a mistake in the way you conduct something. It’s human behavior.

Yet in these situations, there’s a definite inclination to seek to escape blame. You could conceal what you did, try to transfer responsibility to another person, or drive the can down the road, thinking that the fault won’t be noticed.

While this could be simpler in the short run, here are three justifiable reasons why you should always accept what you have done wrong and focus on fixing any problems that your actions have triggered.

A list of my favorite online tools for graphic design & web design for better efficiency

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Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

Well, to be realistic, designers may be anxious about using online creative resource effectively. So we have a valid justification for thinking like that — most techniques are not for professionals. Online platforms provide simple functionality but often consist of poorly adaptable templates and the same outfits.

It would be a mistake, though, to disregard online design tools because there are still some secret gems out there. …


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