What is Crowding problem?

Generally t-SNE preserve the distance in a Neighborhood(N) this could create a problem while embedding. Let us prove it with the help of proof by contradiction.

Let us assume two dimensional data to be projected to one dimensional data. x1, x2, x3 and x4 are the four corners of a square and side of square is d.

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Crowding problem occurred due to point x4 while placing in one dimensional space

Neighborhood of x1 contains x2 and x4

When t-SNE is applied all the points in the two dimensional space are embedded into one dimensional space one after other. As x2 is in the neighborhood of x1 and x3 need to preserve the distance between them.

In the two dimensional space distance between x1 and x3 is √2d but in the one dimensional space it is 2d as x3 is not in the neighborhood of x1 no need to preserve distance between them.

Now the problem is placing the point x4 as it in the neighborhood of both x1 and x3. If we place x4 to the right of x1 the distance to x3 becomes 3d whereas it is d in the two dimensional space, similarly placing x4 to the left of point x3 the distance from x1 becomes 3d as it is in the neighborhood of both x1 and x3 the distance to x4 need to be preserved. It is impossible to preserve the distance for both. So, crowding problem occurs.

Sometimes, it is impossible to preserve the distance in all neighborhood(N). Such a problem is called Crowding problem.

Earlier, Stochastic Neighborhood Embedding (SNE) is used for dimensional reduction they often end up with Crowding problem so, t-SNE were introduced to overcome this problem. t-SNE doesn't guaranty to resolve the crowding problem all the times it gives its best to overcome the crowding problem and preserving the neighborhood distance.

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