Ultimate Tools & Resources to Create Most Shareable Infographics

PowerPoint isn’t the only option for creating presentations anymore. New apps and tools allow you to easily create beautiful presentations, infographics and design elements. Here are a few to check out:


More commonly known as Apple’s version of PowerPoint (remember to save and upload as a PDF to SlideShare!)


Create blog graphics, presentations and more using sophisticated design layouts


Insert your content into the Apple-only program and out will come a presentation that looks like an app


Great for users who love working on a browser; you can even get your decks translated

Google Slides

Similar to PowerPoint, with a cleaner interface that allows for collaborative editing


Create decks that are viewable on any device; you can also use other users’ designs and layouts


Add your content and the design is applied automatically; make adjustments with just a few clicks


Make a beautiful infographic in under 10 minutes; choose from more than 400 templates


Design an infographic in minutes using templates that allow you to drag and drop your desired elements


Pop your data into an Excel-style spreadsheet and watch your infographic automatically update


A simple-to-use site, you can choose from a wide number of templates, charts, images and more to create your perfect infographic


Choose from more than 100 customizable icons, and request new ones.


A tool to create professional-looking photos using various photo effects


A part of Evernote, Skitch allows you to add annotations, sketches, and more to your assets to make your point