50 Years Of Establishment Of Association Of African Universities : A Journey To Link Universities Together

Association of African Universities (AAU) will be celebrating its golden jubilee in 2017 #AfricanUniDay. AAU was founded in Rabat, Morocco on 12th November 1967 following a recommendation made by UNESCO and adopted by Organization of African Unity (now known as African Union). AAU has been mandated to provide a platform for research, reflection, consultation, debates, cooperation and collaboration on issues pertaining to higher education in Africa. Till date AAU has a membership of 380, out of 1000 plus, Higher Education Institutions, representing all the five regions of the African continent.

Since UniAfrica.net is also trying to bridge the information gap between the universities and prospective students in Africa, we thought to contribute towards dissiminating information to our vistiors about AAU’s mandate and efforts in providing a platform for higher education debate in Africa.

AAU has been contributing towards higher education in Africa through its various initiatives, some of them are:

  • World Bank African Centres of Excellence project
  • Database of African Theses and Dissertation (DATAD)
  • Graduate Internship programme
  • ECOWAS Fellowship Programme
  • Quality Assurance Support Programme
  • Leadership/Management Development training programmes.

Through our interactions with AAU on social media and other platforms, it is quite evident that AAU has been quite active in promoting technology and leadership and development through online and physical events in forms of webinars, video conferences and physical capacity building workshops across Africa in three major languages, English, French and Arabic. We are also quite excited that Uniafrica.net has made progress in launch of our information in Arabic too, English and French languages contents are already online.

Some of the series of Webinars by AAU can be accessed by clicking on below links.

Some of the Key facts about the members of AAU are:

  • Universities from 47 African Countries plus UAE are currently members of AAU.
  • Highest number of members are from NIgeria (61) followed by Sudan (33), Ghana (24) and Kenya, South Africa (19 each).
  • Out of the membership data available on AAU’s website there are a total of 296 Full members and 34 Associate members.

As per Uganda National Council for Higher Education, there are a total of 80 Higher Education Institution in Uganda, as of June 2016. If compared with the membership list AAU, only 9 universities are associated with AAU as members. A similar membership ratio applies to Rwanda where only 5 universities are AAU’s member out of 25 universities. Complete list of members can be accessed at http://www.aau.org/membership/.

As an information provider, we would urge AAU to bring more universities across the continent on board for creating a wider network. Moreover, current engagement with AAU’s activities are more focussed towards engaging university administration and staffs, but this should be expanded to providing a platform for more students engagement and exchange to bring out the true benefit of Pan-Africanism in Higher Education.

Source of information: www.aau.org

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