The underrated average

First let me tell you something about myself. I’m an average person with average grades average skills and average goals in life. Nothing about me is great neither my thoughts nor my behavior.

I have been more of a general person who was okay in everything like studies, sports etc and never great on anything. So this mediocrity is ingrained from childhood.

Everywhere the great and the poor are noticed. The average is always unnoticed, forgotten and never cared about.

I see all these young people and the pop culture speaking how they want to be free, how they don’t want to work under someone, how they don’t want to do a monotonous job and they don’t want a predictable life. Everyone wants to be great. Everyone wants to feel unique and special. Every guy wants to be the alpha male. Well you know what? I am not an alpha male. I’m a beta male, and I’m fine with that.

Because you may think mediocre people have a dead life, they are passionless, they are useless. But you can’t deny the fact that world runs because of people like me. The average. We are the foundation on which your greatness is built.

This is in no way a discouragement for the people who want to achieve something in their life. This post is just an attempt to speak up for the majority of the people who don’t have the voice because it is drowned out by the outgoing, free and dominating great people. Average working class people’s lives are depicted in movies, books by the protagonist (who is gonna do something great in some field) as if he’d die rather having a life like that. Really? Are we that bad? You’d rather die than not feel special?

I have accepted the fact that I can’t be great. I’m okay with it.

How about you think about what he/she might have faced in their lives? Before judging them and adding ego points in your fairy land where you are the king.

How about not making the other people feel bad about having a decent life? Maybe you aren’t really great when you cannot see the honor in what people do?

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