Blackbullion: Going global with the Mayor’s of London GoToGrow programme

Blackbullion is about to go global..

Yep our little company, on a huge mission to make the world money smart, is about to become a lot less stealthy. It’s why we couldn’t be happier to have been selected for the London Mayor’s International Business Programme. The programme is designed to support international growth ambitions — perfect for us as we enter the Australian market.

Samuel Johnson famously said that when you are bored of London you are bored of life. How much more true is this when applied to London startups? Well, we aren’t bored. In fact we are just getting started!

We are a team of many languages and passports — different points of views and experiences, ages and attitudes. Put us together with a dash of passion and commitment and a big splash of coffee, food and fun and you get the kind of alchemy I would wish on everyone.

We work hard, we play hard and we have all chosen to call London home.

London has a strong ecosystem of thousands of diverse companies, a strong talent pool (we’re hiring… join us) and good investor base (we’re raising… join us) and is (and will hopefully continue to be!) the heart of the capital of the European start up community.

Obviously we all love the weather (joke!) but really London is the perfect launchpad from which to service the over 250 million students in the world who we want to help.

Students are facing a unique set of challenges around debt — remember those good old days when US student debt was only $1,000,000,000,000 — and an uncertain work environment in which jobs are being created, and destroyed, at extreme speed. The ability to adapt is no longer optional and a growth mindset is a must.

These are significant challenges but not intractable ones.

So while our technology team might be based in EC1 our message isn’t. The world has become too small and technology too pervasive, and powerful, to hold tightly to a solution that can be spread to every part of the world and when it comes to student debt the further the better.

So the little company, with the big mission, that you’ve never heard of (unless you are at university or working for a university) is about to get a lot more noisy and having the support of the Mayor of London’s means we can be even more amplified.

Stealth be damned — we’re here and we’re changing lives; one hundred, one thousand, and one hundred thousand, students at a time. We have bold ambitions to reach 5m young people and we believe we can do it. We believe in our heart and soul that we must.

And just like eating that elephant, we plan on doing it one bite at a time.