How Virtual Reality will completely revolutionise wedding experiences | ViviR Memories

You only get married once, and it is crucial that those memories are preserved perfectly. This is why getting a good wedding videographer is such an important part of your wedding arrangement.

However, with Virtual Reality on the forefront, there is an entirely new way of saving those memories for posterity. Virtual reality weddings allow you to relive the entire experience in an immersive and accurate way. VR companies like ViviR Memories can capture the wedding event in a more immerse manner than can ever be possible using traditional photography.

ViviR provides a premium service to capture your wedding moments and memories in Virtual Reality.

VR Weddings also hold a lot of promise because it is now possible to record the wedding experience from multiple perspectives at the same time by having guests use portable VR equipment to record video. Multiple perspectives can later be combined into a single VR wedding experience where one can map the entire event and experience every sight and sound like they were actually there.

Virtual Reality weddings in India have some ways to go before it becomes fully mainstream. However, the market is ready for a new opportunity. Many avant garde couples and event planners have already started to incorporate a VR regimen along with a traditional photographer in their weddings. As adoption of VR increases in the future, we will see many more interesting implementations of the technology in our lives.

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