Why you should capture your Wedding in VR | ViviR Memories

You only get married once. This is why it is absolutely essential that your wedding videography be of top notch so that you can record those memories for posterity. Thankfully, with the increasing popularity and development of virtual reality technology, it has become a lot easier for regular people to have access to VR services. Companies like ViviR Memories offer videography services for virtual reality weddings in India that allows you to record your big day in the most immersive manner possible.

ViviR — Your Memories in VR
  1. Recording your wedding day in virtual reality allows you to relive the experience as if you were there. You cannot do this with regular photography and videography services.
  2. VR weddings are growing in popularity very fast. A virtual reality wedding is a great novelty that will be talked about for years. You can spark the trend by introducing your friends and family to VR and how it can capture a whole new dimension of important events.
  3. The people who are responsible for managing the event often miss out on the fun. A VR wedding means they can re-experience the entire event as if they were physically there. In other words, the most important people in the wedding get to relive the event as guests.

Virtual reality is a technology like no other and you have to experience it yourself to believe it. It is unprecedented in its ability to fully immerse you in an experience that no still picture or video clip can come close to.

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