I’ve started a crowd-sourced collection of some great mental health resources related to COVID-19/coronavirus to help cope through this challenging time.

In this time of uncertainty and rapid changes, some of us or our loved ones can be having a hard time with the news, loss of income and financial instability, health fears, feeling physically and emotionally isolated, and greater mental health issues.

Some of these resources are specific to Toronto, Canada, but most of them are applicable to anyone, anywhere.

This is a living project that continues to be worked on.
You can also share its shorter link: takecare19.com

It’s okay to not be okay. Also, check on others as it affects us in different ways.

This is my own way of coping, I hope it helps you or someone you know!

Be safe and be well,


When it was time to choose our next community partner and project — I was pretty pumped to hear Earth+City as one of the choices. They’re a Toronto-based food producer of ready-to-eat, healthy, and plant-based food and beverages. They work with local growers and suppliers to source as many local and seasonal ingredients as possible, but also partner with various local social and environmental initiatives, projects, and companies. I’d known about them and already a fan. I’d been involved in the food justice/security scene in Toronto for the past few years including working at a social enterprise startup supporting local…

This is my final project in the UX Immersive Program (!!). This one was a little different — it’s focused on website optimization via A/B testing, done solo, and we got to pick our web page. Here’s how it all went down!


The ultimate objective of this project was to optimize an existing website by measuring and then improving its effectiveness and efficiency.


When users can do what they need to do as quickly as possible, you have happy and returning users…meaning more sales and more loyalty.


We measure 1) Effectiveness through “task success rates” — that’s how…

The beginning

As soon as our previous project was barely over, we sprinted (literally) onto this project. We were given several client projects to choose from, and I knew I wanted to work with SpaceiShare. They are a relatively new, Toronto-based platform — “the AirBnB for spaces,” if you will. That is, it’s an online peer-to-peer marketplace matching those who have extra space with those who need space for storage, parking, or events. I was drawn to them as a personal proponent of the sharing economy and alternate ways of doing things. …

A UX Case Story (Study)

This study documents my second project at RED, and our first group project. Here’s my story of working as one of four UX design students and our work on revamping an e-commerce website!


To build an ecommerce website for one area of the Distillery District in Toronto with the goal of promoting shopping locally, and ultimately bringing in more sales.

For those not familiar, the Distillery District is a historical area located in the south-east side of downtown. As its name implies, it was once an industrial area, but has since been restored into today’s centre for high-end fashion boutiques…

In this case study I share and present the whole process I went through to create a rapid low-fidelity prototype, and show what I was able to achieve in a few short (or, long) days in my first week of UX school!

The project

The objective of the project was to design a rapid prototype for a mobile app for one of our classmates’ needs.

Research I: Exploratory

Interview — Let’s talk

I started the project conducting an open-ended, semi-structured interview — that is, I had a script for broad questions on lifestyle, interests, hobbies, goals, and frustrations to better understand her and what might help her make an…

Vivian Ngai

Product UX Designer | byVivian.com

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