Newly Evolved Internet Radio La Radiola offers 500 Free Promo Codes for Early Birds!

March 29, 2016

Tuning in to a favorite radio station and catching up with the latest news stories has just got chic — with this newly evolved internet radio LaRadiola. The latest property in for the mobile generation has been presented in the form of an android app and the best is its pro version is being offered through free promo codes. So this looks like an apt time for buyers to get the android based radio app!

LaRadiola presents an extensive range of radio stations as it offers one the liberty to search from among thousands of listed radio broadcasting interfaces on earth and tune in. High quality of sound comes as a surplus feature to the listeners’ delight and makes this app worth its cost and the space on phone.

Curious about this novel product, a correspondent obtains some valuable and exciting details from company’s Marketing Officer. Excited with the initial response so far, he says, “Mobile users are on a constant lookout for innovative products as this and we are glad that the firsthand response to our app is marvelous. We triggered our marketing campaign with 500 free promo codes and it is soothing to see we are left with few! We sense a new generation of radio audience taking birth with this app — the generation that yearns for state-of-the-features like a customizable interface, real time recording facility, track information and assorted social features. The free promo codes offer some exclusive benefits and there are few left out. Hence we are urging all those desirous to quickly get in touch with us and have the special LaRadiola internet radio edition!”

Comprising many advanced characteristics, the radio app presented by LaRadiola has been primarily designed from music lovers’ perspective. More information about the radio app’s free promo codes and its distinct music enhancing features can be had at the company’s website

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