The Traveling Shoes

por Julia Sprioli

Once upon a time, in the southeast suburbs of a big Lego shaped city lived The Young Girl. She was 11 years old. So, between this and that, she had lived approximately for One Hundred and Thirty Three years. As you can see, she’s must be a wise girl.

Every morning, while sliding her feet into her shoes, with a tiny sip of the coffee left by her mother — just enough for an eleven-year-old body — she vanished. In the meanwhile, The One Family believed she had already left for school. Well, this may sound weird for middle-class people, but for those who work 12 hours a day, it’s a pleasure to know your daughter is a very fine student. Even though it might not make a difference and she will probably end up working as much as you do. But this is a well known human habit: to make up hopes where there are none to make life a bit more livable. Nonsense, indeed, but they still do it anyway.

The thing with the simple act of wearing these shoes was that The One Soul, belonged by The One Person using them, would travel through time and space while gravity would hold you up to the physical space where you were once before. But as a wise old man would say: every act has its consequence.

Now — the reader should be aware — this isn’t a silly story made up by a student for The creekside class so we will follow the rules and tell it right.

Fortunately, in our universe, the faster you move, the heavier you get. And to a kid, this means you don’t need to be a big person to do amazing things. With just sticking with relativity: we can make your tiny mass turn into a lot of energy. Well, Space/time traveling can be a dangerous thing once placed in the hands of a curious. In these particular ones, of course, the curiosity was just enough to make her soul get older and older each hour a day. In the end of some weeks, she was then, gifted with maturity. The good thing here is that we still have gravity to count on.

If you are thinking these shoes do not exist, they were the same shoes she had grown ever since she was nine and had enough heights to climb the neighbours windows and steal them from The Young Boy who lived next to her. The corridor between their windows was no longer than 1-meter wide. So every year, since she’d seen the shoes, she had tried to reach the pipes on his wall, which would help her to climb the bricks through the gun holes The Other Family had received 40 years ago, when The Grandfather came back from the Vietnam war with a bit more than only one enemy. He’s was a bloody racist, anyway.

As the shoes needed instructions to be used, after the theft, they became friends. The Young Boy told her how the shoes worked, what he was doing, informed about time and told what he was looking for. Supposedly, there was a universe, where he could find his dog.

— Are you seriously looking for your DOG in another universe? Don’t you think it would be easier to just pray for him or something? I mean, you’ll need a hell of a luck to find him.

— Well, some people believe in gods, some just use gravity.

— What do you mean?

— What kind of blessed thing do you think can make you more than what you are and smaller than anything else? As if everything fitted inside you but you were just a small part of it. And still, played a main whole?

— Well, I’m not a Christian yet…I mean, I don’t think I have enough age for it. But I’m pretty sure my mother’s answer would be God.

— Exactly! Well, as I realised that with gravity I could reach space through time, this was what I could call my God. I’m not sure if this is right, but at least, it comes with fewer stereotypes.

So, far away from them, where The Young Boy was himself, The Young Girl was herself and everyone else, in this universe, were the same…?Living, perhaps, the same life? Well, that was how she understood The Theory of The Multiverse and though she wasn’t sure about this “God thing”, the rest was just science.

The problem was that they could only come back from where they were reaching the shoes again, in the first dimension their soul came from. It surely worked well for a long time, they were very careful, otherwise, one of them would get stuck on “The other side”. But as the time passed, The Young Boy were less and less back to The One Universe. He said:

— I’m almost there. I found a track. One of the researchers in The Large Hadron Collider said he’d seen me some multiverses ago, just beyond The Rising Star, turning to the left two black holes forward after a white dwarf. He said I was with a dog!

After this, he never came back.

But on this particular day, the first one The Young Girl decided not to go on a trip and stay at home playing chess with her grandmother something different happened.

— Sophie, can you please move the table a bit to the left, after the tea? There have been months where this drip won’t stop dripping.

— Yes, grandma, of course — she answered with a distracted voice — Do you want sugar?

And while she was playing chess, right behind her grandmother, she listened to the dripping. It was him. Through gravity, reaching space/time. It was the little song they used to play when they were kids — I mean, at this time the should have about sixty years — while away in another dimension to come back and still candies from the store next to their houses. It was like this: “drip, dropping from the sky, steal a candy and you can fly!”

Certainly, on these current days, where you can travel to other universes, staying at home with a dripping can be quite amazing.

This was a task for the Creekside course at Corvinus University of Budapest which I decide to publish here. As I’m a not a native English speaker, you may see some mistakes, so feel free to tell me!

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