8 Skills That Make You A Chef (or Just About Any Other Biz Leader)
Chris Hill

Well Said. I think however this applies to anyone who is and entrepreneur. Often we can’t make the leap from skill set to skill set. I worked my way through restaurants in college. It was a love/hate relationship. The pressure is immense and the conditions unforgiving. It taught me some of my life’s most valuable lessons. I always said cooks could but out plates during the rush and the chefs could design the plate. when these 2 things collide is when the it becomes special. Mise en place is more than a cooking term for me it is a Philosophy. “put in place” all the things in life that allow you to be successful and just create. I am now a content producer and the things I learned in hot, pressure filled kitchens are what allow me to excel as an artist and businessman.

Thanks for sharing


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