How Many Clicks? Who Cares!

We are sick of the click-bait game… aren’t you? We don’t think it’s fair that the online content game is entirely decided on how many people clicked a link that misled readers and offered them nothing of value for their time. Quality over quantity, in our opinion.

Dear online publications and media companies: YOUR journalists and editorial staff spend hours beautifully crafting a story. There are thousands of people who would enjoy their hard work, and Vizo will send them there!

We’re tired of pretending “engaged readers” can be measured by who clicked a misleading title. We want to give readers a real return on the time they invest. Let’s get readers where they want to go! Let’s get the people who want to read your breathtaking eight-page story prepped and ready to go! Vizo is the new bouncer at a nightclub called CONTENT. Some might even call us the #contentmafia.

Vizo informs people faster and more efficiently than ever. To Vizo, efficiency includes driving the readers who want in-depth content where they want to go — our partners’ websites. We are creating fans and dedicated followers. Our partners are people who care more about their content than the ads and phony traffic that hit their page. This is a numbers game, and we will win by doing it the right way. In the land of Vizo, content is still King!