Media — You Talkin’ to Me?

Millennials are Selfish and Entitled.” “The Idiot Generation.” Why do you think I don’t care about what’s happening in my world? That I should be happy with the status quo, that I should learn to read content the way Uncle Rupert “says I should”? Is that really what I want?

Despite what the boys up in those ivory towers say, I’m not a lab rat to be psychoanalyzed — “millennials are self-absorbed,” “they can’t pay attention to anything,” bla-bla-bla. Guess what? Those stereotypes miss who many of us really are. I know they miss who I am, as a millennial. We care about the world around us — interacting with it, learning from it, and shaping it — even if we don’t have time to show it in traditional ways. Isn’t it time we had a news source that recognized and respected that? I’m Gillis Baxter, I’m 21, and I do care about what’s happening in my world.

The future of news media is driving toward giving readers the power to design their content platforms around their lifestyle. We’ve set out to create a mobile news source designed for a generation, for the pace at which we move. A source that knows we want more, for less, and we want it in a beautiful eye-catching format. We’re excited to present the launch of a new era in mobile news — it’s called Vizo News!

We’ve created Vizo News to be the only source you need to stay on top of your world, every day, and to get what matters to you, quickly, and beautifully — so you can be in-the-know, on the go! Vizo’s news “Glances” provide you with a snackable look into the day’s top stories, and if your interest is piqued, you can then choose to dive deeper into all the powerful stories that affect you, and all of our lives.

Maybe I’m a bit crazy (I probably am, but for other reasons…) but if you’re like me and you care about the world around you, you just need something that fits into your lifestyle. No more wasting time digging through click-bait and cheesy ‘top 10 reasons why your boss hates you’ stories just to be aware of the actual news. We know our generation actually wants to be informed!

So help us shake up the status quo — download Vizo and join our movement to make the real news cool again. Break the stereotype, give Vizo a try, let us know what you think. Who knows — you just might love it.

Vizo is available for iOS & Android