Welcoming Creators to maximize the value of their NFT’s with Vizva!

Vizva, A Community-centered Marketplace

NFTs are the hot potato of the creators’ town. They are gaining huge momentum as an ocean for artists, creators, and investors to create, discover, explore, and collect unique art pieces around the globe as well as to diversify their income streams.

New to the NFT world? Click here to learn what NFTs are, why people buy them, some of the current news around it, and where it is headed.

Imagine spending hours developing an NFT that you’ve been dreaming of just to see that piece of beauty sit in one corner of an auction house or a digital gallery. Hurts, doesn’t it?

Well, once you create an NFT, what you need is a flawless marketplace to shift it and bring it to the attention of the right audience. And that is exactly what we are coming up with.

Bring your creative project to life with Vizva.

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Introducing Vizva: Creators Renaissance

Today, we are enthralled to announce Vizva, a feature-loaded and fun-filled place where you can showcase and trade NFTs — be it your artworks, your crazy dance videos, rare pokemon cards,+ or your grandma’s cookies freely and effortlessly. An exclusive community marketplace for buying, selling, and exchanging digital collectibles authenticated by NFT across the globe.

How does Vizva empower the creator’s economy?

As the saying goes, Your network is your net worth. Thus, as a creator, mere creating isn’t enough. You also need to identify, connect and collaborate with like-minded people in the space. We feel you!

Vizva, being a community-centered digital space, is open for all platforms to create and expand your network full of buddy creators and curators, fans and followers, and buyers and sellers.

Here’s a small look at how our marketplace will contribute to the flourishing of the creators economy —

Identify Your tribes.

Through Vizva, we help you to easily identify creators, artists, fans, followers, and other members of the community with similar interests. You can connect, engage and have a lot of fun!

Collaborate with budding creators.

Here, you can collaborate with fellow artists, fans, curators, and all those a part of this ecosystem. By joining hands with enthusiasts who share your vision and performing exciting activities, you can create groups and work together to create beautiful masterpieces.

Create your legacy.

Imagine your art leaving a footprint in the world forever, inspiring generations to come. With a community-centric decentralized ecosystem based on blockchain, your masterpieces can be co-shared among the creators, fans, and followers within the community, enabling them to become a part of your art, allowing your creations to stay within the hearts of your admirers for eternity.

“An image speaks a thousand words. With Vizva, you can explore these expressions by enabling Metaverse properties to your creations. You don’t create just an NFT, you truly empower your art to express itself and communicate with the people around, leaving a trail of your legacy.” — Sudipto, Co-Founder, Boolien


Hey, there are already so many existing NFT marketplaces. Why shall I choose Vizva?

Being a pool of creators ourselves, we understand the massive contribution of creators to the world of NFT.

To let creative minds like you maximize their potential to the best, we are bringing some really cool and unique features through Vizva, beta version in 2022.

  1. Collaboration: Now you can directly chat with buddy members within the space, discuss your projects and start working on creating something big together!
  2. Curation: We aim to bring together renowned curators and artists from diverse cultures and backgrounds across the globe to encourage and support community-curated ideas and projects.
  3. Gas price: The gas price is the fee NFT trading platforms charge, incurred to conduct the transaction or execute a contract on their blockchain platform. We are enabling Polygon, a layer 2 solution to let you create quickly backed by speedy execution and lower network fees. This will let you mint your NFT creations with minimal Gas fees.
  4. Lazy minting: It is a technique in which a portion of the purchase price goes to cover the gas needed to create the initial NFT. Thus, the cost of the transaction falls upon the buyer letting NFT creators create NFTs without any up-front cost.


Imagine your NFTs being converted into cool interchangeable game assets that could exist forever and ever. How cool is that!

With Vizva, your NFTs will no longer be just benign trading items. Your NFTs could be anything and everything you want, be it a display item on a big screen, or your virtual real estate with your own virtual galleries and museums. You could even walk around in other virtual worlds and explore collections of various artists. Your NFT could even be a music album or a concert ticket of your favorite music artist. Your NFT could be a license to get a Scholarship program from your favorite mentor. Your NFT could be a token of reward for backing your favorite project.

Vizva will introduce multiple usability avenues for your NFT creations such as,

Linking of NFTs as digital assets: Your NFTs can be linked and used to communicate with other members during various games and movies and act as your digital assets.

You can kick-start your project and build your own clan member who backs your project and in return get magical NFT

NFT pool and farming: You can stake an NFT to receive rewards in tokens or stake tokens to receive an NFT as a reward.

Curated NFT Packs: Curated by Boolien DAO members, collectors can invest in a fraction of NFT’s and also have a nextgen way of investing in digital assets

Fractionalized Ownership: Ownership of your NFTs could be broken down and fractionalized so as to enable a large chunk of small and medium-scale lovers and followers of digital collectibles to get a piece of your cake too.

NFTs as a reward to fans: Your NFTs can even act as a reward to attract and incentivize your fans and followers to your project.

All of this is being created by a decentralized community, supported by Boolien with Transparency, Liquidation, and Growth, as its building blocks.

At Vizva, we have a mountain to climb that shall be decentralized; we can only achieve it with the support of the community.

The creator’s economy is full of surprises and with you, we unravel these surprises. Vizva can be anything that you wanted to believe, so grab on your brushes, pens, and those delicious cookies, and dive into the creator’s palace where you can own your dream!

Vizva is the first flagship product of the Boolien ecosystem that supports artists, curators, creators, and everything human. Vizva is the platform with which starts Boolien’s journey to create a limitless metaverse of opportunities.

“As a human, we love to be associated with something we really believe in, whether it’s something we have created or someone we admire. But it’s not a cakewalk to do so. By becoming a Booliener, we help you climb the ladder to your ambitions, become a part of anything in this world you strongly believe in, and get rewarded for doing the same too! Boolien is an ecosystem that empowers your beliefs and fulfills your dream.
- Pravanjan Patnaik, Co-Founder, Boolien

About Vizva:

Vizva is an exclusive Boolien product, which is an entry point towards the NFT ecosystem, we are building with the community. The goal is to make it simple to use, so you not only buy, sell and trade NFTs but also utilize them in the liquidity pool and as a way to connect with creators and fans on different chains, exciting innit?

Vizva invites all Game Developers, Visual Artists, Photographers, Story Writers, TV Series Directors, and Creators in general. We plan to provide a community-centered platform for the project(s) that require crowdfunding or even testing the acceptance of the project by the community.

Bring your creative project to life with Vizva.

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An exclusive community-centered marketplace for storytellers!

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An exclusive community-centered marketplace for storytellers!

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