Why I’m Voting for Evan McMullin

America is in desperate need of principled, ethical, responsible leadership — qualities which are not to be found in either major party nominee this year. It is time to look beyond the traditional party boundaries for answers that address the concerns shared by the vast majority of Americans.

We stand at a precipice. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt, deceitful, untrustworthy candidate to ever seek the Oval Office. Her long, well-documented history of lies, cover-ups, malfeasance and corruption could (and do) fill volumes. Just last week, while investigating the actions of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner, the FBI found sufficient evidence and reason to reopen their investigation into Clinton’s potentially criminal activity. She is patently unfit for the presidency, and under any other circumstances, would be in significant legal trouble and possibly in jail.

In any average year, the Republican party could be counted upon to put forward a nominee whose background, experience, temperament and ability make him or her a plausible candidate for the presidency. This year however, things are a bit different.

Out of the crowded scrum of 17 candidates, Republican primary voters passed over the governors, senators, et al., and imprudently gave Donald Trump — who had never even voted in a GOP primary before voting for himself in one, and who for at least 20 years has consistently endorsed various policies, programs, and candidates favored by the left — the mantle of nominee.

However, while winning the nomination, Trump not only failed to consolidate and unify the party — more than 16 million Republican primary voters cast votes for another candidate — he created further division by disparaging those opposed to his nomination, and by using the RNC as a cudgel to force through his nomination at the convention in July.

Trump has never represented the values and principles of the Republican party, much less Conservatism. He has endorsed pro-statist, pro-big government policies. He has expressed preference for anti-free market, anti-free speech, and anti-Second Amendment legislation, and has made significant donations to the campaigns of such noteworthy luminaries as Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and Hillary Clinton.

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