My Intentions for Blockchain Governance

Against Autonomous Blockchains:

I believe that ethics and decentralization are independent. This means that we need to treat blockchain governance as having exactly the same social obligations as the governance of centralized software platforms. I’m actually certain about this. I’m certain that autonomous blockchains will be inevitably be weaponized, and I’m also sure that it is our responsibility to do what we can to prevent people from attacking innocent bystanders using our software as a weapon. At an absolute minimum.

Against Blockchain Governance Capture:

If the blockchain is captured, then its governance will serve the interests of a narrow group of stakeholders who are served by the governance of the capturing entity. There is no clear reason why it would serve the public interest, and the public are ultimately the intended users of public blockchains (imo). I really think that only a governance system that is open to public participation has a reasonable chance of representing the public interest. And I think it’s obviously contrary to the public interest to allow the blockchain (imo a true public utility) to be owned by anyone (or any cartel). I will fight to prevent the blockchain from being owned, and you should, too.

Against Internet Censorship as Blockchain Governance:

Why was the censorship outcome in “Blockchain Governance 101”? Isn’t it obviously bad? Yes, and I am determined to do my reasonable best to prevent this outcome, too!



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