On Mad Men

I remember the day Mad Men finale aired. I remember seeing dozens of articles explaining the episode or saying that it’s exactly what everyone has hoped it to be. At that time I have not watched a single episode of Mad Men. I’ve obiously heard a lot but I somehow never got to it. A few months later I did. Today is the day I watched the last episode of Mad Men. It truly is an end of an era.

Because it is written perfectly. Because you watch it not only to figure out what is going to happen next, but also to enjoy the way in which it is going to be said. Because you are an aspiring copywriter and also want to have that big idea. Because the way in which Don comes up with something is impressive. Because the way in which Peggy continues working on her goal is inspiring. Because Joan is a great example of a person who works hard in order to reach gender equality. Because you want to see Ken pursue a career in writing. Because this is the only show on TV quotes from which can be applied to your life no matter what you do.

You see Don run away and come back. This is what the majority of us do at some point in our lives trying to figure this whole thing out. I have never thought I’m gonna get so many things to think about after watching a TV show. There are lots of absorbing shows on TV but there are only a few good ones in terms of brilliant writing. Mad Men is one of them. Not everyone is gonna love it or understand it. Yet, once you do, you have a great journey ahead of you. There is a lot of digital trash we consume. Shows like Mad Men prove that good TV exists. A TV show the writers of which know when to stop. A TV show you can learn from.