Jessie J “Sweet Talker” Album Review

This album was also amazing!!! I think it was more personal than her last album, in my opinion.

I was a little disappointed that she had more slower songs, than more of upbeat and fast tempo songs, but she truly did an AMAZING JOB on all her songs.

She has a few really catchy songs such as “Burnin’ Up” feat. 2 Chainz and obviously “Bang Bang” feat. Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj. And both songs have a similar theme and theme is S.E.X. Both songs are talking about sex, especially BURNIN’ UP! But overall she did an OUTSTANDING JOB!!!!! On those two catchy songs, other catchy songs she had on this album were “Strip” and “Ain’t Been Done.”

Now, she has a lot of very emotional songs, and those are the best ones, because she truly challenged herself, and one of the songs I’m gonna talk about is a song called “Fire” and it’s truly a very powerful song, her vocals were really high! And I do have to say that the song is VERY! SOULFUL! And I instantly fell in love with that song! It’s just so SOULFUL!

Other really good emotional songs she had on this album are “Personal”, “Said Too Much”, “Loud”, “Keep Us Together”, “Get Away”, “Your Loss I’m Found”, and “You Don’t Really Know Me.” So I really do think she did an OUTSTANDING JOB on this album, but I just hope her next album ( I hope she’s gonna have a third album) has more upbeat songs, because she looks like a really fun person to be around.

So I would give this album a 10 out of 10.