Kelly Clarkson Album “Piece By Piece” Review

Kelly Clarkson did a PHENOMENAL JOB ON THIS ABLUM! I truly loved this album!

The thing I loved about this album is two things 1. Her new songs were more upbeat than her previous songs from her other albums. And 2. Some of her songs she kinda made it come to life, example: in the song “Run Run Run” the drums made this running tempo/beat that made it feel like your running.

Also my all time favorite song on this album is “War Paint” I just love it, trust me it’s two times better when it’s louder! I just absolutely love it.

She also did a song that you can dance to, and it’s called “Dance With Me” and last time I checked I never saw a song you could dance to in her previous album! So I think she truly had a diverse song set list! I’m just glad that she could write/sing more upbeat songs, because her old songs (which don’t get me wrong I love) but they were really sad (in an emotional way) so I’m really glad she could do something a little different. So I absolutely give this a 10 out of 10! SHE DESERVES IT!