If you’re reading content marketing blogs (and I assume you do since you’re on this one), one of the most oft used quotes you’re likely to see is something like “readers today have a short attention span” or “studies show that today’s readers have an attention span of a goldfish”.

These blogs then proceed to tell you how you should “write in simple, short sentences and paragraphs”.

As a good and diligent student of content marketing, you oblige, making sure your paragraphs don’t extend over three or four rows and your sentences have no more than seven or eight words…

If you are looking to offer a more authentic content about your brand to your audience, then there are not many better ways to do this than using influencer marketing. According to Influencer Marketing Hub 2017 Study, influencer marketing is the fastest-growing online customer acquisition method at 28%. That’s higher than organic search (15%), email (13%) or paid search (11%).

So, how do you implement influencer marketing and use it to improve your content strategy? Keep reading this article and find out.

Define the Goals

What do you want to accomplish with your content? Answering this question is essential for understanding what kind…

If you’ve been involved in content marketing more than writing an occasional blog post or sharing an odd infographic, you probably get the idea why creating a content strategy is vital whether you operate a one-man blog, a startup or a bigger company. 72% of marketers have a content strategy in place (but only 30% documented) according to LinkedIn technology marketing community. Without a good strategy, your content will be directionless and unable to engage the right audience, to say the least.

However, what this survey and many like it don’t really tells us is how many of these 72%…

Here’s a dark thought. If your company suddenly disappeared, would your former customers remember it in a year? What about 10 or 50? What about today, are they thinking about you and your brand at all? If the answer to these questions is (and I’m hoping for a bit of honesty here) no, then there’s only one reason behind this. You are not using brand storytelling to connect with your audience.

Stories shape us and our belief system. We get influenced by a good book or a hero in our favorite movie or TV show, enjoy hearing funny stories our…

Your content strategy is hardly, if at all, a place for guessworking, gut feeling, assumptions or intuition. After all, your feeling about that particular headline, CTA or even the time of posting could be way off. So what does that mean for your content? Poor results, whether that’s low returning traffic, diminished conversions, fewer people sharing your content, or something else.

But how can you tell if your content resonates with your audience enough that they engage with it, share it, click on your CTA and so on?

This article will teach you how to A/B test your content strategy.

How to A/B Test Your Content Strategy?


The life of a content editor is not an easy one. Apart from making sure that the content is well formatted, free of grammar and punctuation errors, not plagiarized and based on facts, he also needs to ensure that the style meets the publication’s guidelines. And that’s just a few things that the content editor needs to pay attention to.

Content editors can have their hands full every time they get a piece of content in their hands (or inbox). Add to that a constant barrage of emails from guest contributors who want their content…

It seems these days, whenever you click on a webpage, you are greeted with this message:

We’ve updated our privacy policy.

So why is everyone suddenly so concerned with this? Well, because on 25th May, 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, has come into force and that includes a potential audience of 750+ million people. The regulation applies to organizations operating business in the European Union, but also those outside the EU that offer products and services, or otherwise collect, monitor, or use data from EU citizens.

That’s a good reason to pay attention to the new…

Are you auditing your content on a regular basis? No? Well, you are not the only one. Many content marketers avoid doing a content audit until the very last moment. That’s understandable. It’s not easy to perform a content audit, especially if you have a lot of content in the first place.

But that’s not an excuse to never audit your content. In this article, I want to introduce you to the concept of content auditing, why you should do it, as well as how you can use certain tools to make this task much easier and quicker.

Why Should You Do a Content Audit?

First, the…

One of the most important things a content strategist needs to know is how their content is fairing against their competitors’. Without knowing what type of content your competitors are creating, where are they distributing it or how often, it will be very difficult to truly differentiate your brand and your content from theirs and thus give potential visitors a reason to take a look at your content instead of competitor’s. Because of this, you need to perform a competitive content marketing analysis which will help you not only do the above, but also find opportunities that your competitors missed.

Whether you believe in the “goldfish attention span theory” or not (personally I don’t as I believe it’s not as simple as that), one fact remains. It’s harder and harder for brands to keep their target audience invested in them. Where, at one point, creating viral content was the answer, thanks to the amount of signals coming to us from every direction, there’s now a limited space brands and their content can occupy. …

Vladimir Covic

I write content that, hopefully, helps someone. Or at least isn’t a complete waste of your time. That’s it. Used to have a blog, but not anymore :(

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