removed the most useful option from their website!

I use website for many, many years now, and over the years I found many great softwares that I use to this day.

Every time when I need good software solution I go through the same process and that is I go to the and I enter in search field some relevant keywords that describe what I want to accomplish. After that I sort results by “editors rating” and voila, you get some of the best softwares that are reviewed by experts from and crew.

In 99% of the cases that reviews are accurate and with this approach I found many great softwares that saved me tons of money, time and energy in times when I need new software solution.

Recently they “updated” their website and I saw that they removed that option where we can sort results by editors rating, user rating, etc…

I really can’t understand why they changed their search engine options and removed something so useful and by doing that destroying such good reputation they build over the years.

I suppose that I am not alone with this opinion and if there is anybody out there that are thinking like me, I would really like to here your opinion in comments below and definitely we should chat about this on twitter…