Weekly development status

MyWish Pre-ICO raised $220k during the pre-ICO, 170% of cap. Now, MyWish is preparing for the ICO, which will start on October, 25. Official site: https://mywish.io/. Join the telegram group for more information: https://t.me/MyWish_EN

Hello everyone!

Here is our weekly development status.

New version of the service to be released on 23rd of October (ver. 2.0.1).

What have been done on the current week:

  • Smart contract-wallet template development completed
  • Smart contract-wallet template audit started
  • Smart contract deffered payment development (30% completed)
  • Wedding contract prototype development is ongoing
  • External developers application form design completed
  • Late user’s registration development completed
  • Tutorial design started


  • Bitcoin payment acceptance development completed

Also we spent a lot of time for new design development.

Here are some logo candidates. What is your favourite?

Stay tuned!

MyWish ICO is scheduled for October, 25. Official site: https://mywish.io/

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