Hello MyWish Friends!

First of all, we would like to thank you again for the fact that you have been watching our successes and hardships with us for 3 years.

Recently, we have launched the Multichain p2p Platform — Rubic.exchange.
Our team always supports MyWish owners at all times. In this regard, we decided to encourage our holders with Rubic RBC tokens.

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Instructions on how to get bonus RBC tokens for MyWish holders:

1. All MyWish holders with a balance above 1000 WISH tokens will be eligible for the airdrop of RBC.

2. The number of RBC tokens depends directly on your balance on the snapshots. …

Hello everyone!
Here is our September status report.

The last month was the most successful since MyWish’s foundation.

More than 100 contracts were created in the Mainnet, about 50,000 WISH/ 200,000 TRONISH were frozen.

Thank you for the support and we hope that it’s just the beginning!


  1. MyWish is a multichain Platform and Binance Smart Chain integration was a natural move.


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Now you can create Token in Binance Smart Chain, Start Crowdsale, or make an Airdrop contract.

At the moment, the number of created Binance-based contracts is close to 100 items (main net and test net).

2. We are refactoring the code to reduce the delays while working with blockchain data (we are interacting via infura’s service). Plan to complete refactoring in 2 weeks. …

Hello everyone!

Here is our August status report.


In accordance with our DeFi strategy, we continue development / rebuild our services to correspond best practices in the DeFi space and make it compatible with external products.

  1. P2P exchange protocol. As it was introduced first in swaps.network protocol will provide decentralized solutions for p2p exchange.

Key features:

- No need to list tokens for trading (the same as on uniswap)

- Optional limitation for taking funds back if a trade is not completed (to avoid the situation when some projects remove liquidity and kill the token)

- Integration with uniswap, 1inch.exchange and other services for closing the trades…


Vladimir Tikhomirov

CEO MyWish (mywish.io)

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