Predict user behavior and react to it!

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Firebase provides a wide variety of tools, something for every developer and something for every problem. But did you know that it has a tool that enables you to see into the future 🔮😮?! Yes, you heard me right, the tool called Firebase Predictions enables you to predict future actions of your users.

A lot of Android developers have never heard of Firebase Predictions or never used it, and this article will serve as a quick introduction. Apart from that, I will also explore some of the retention and monetization strategies that this tool makes possible.

To be able to start using Firebase Predictions, you need to have Firebase Analytics integrated into your app. What Firebase Predictions does is apply machine learning on your analytics data and create user segments depending on how likely those users are to execute a specific action within the next seven days. In other words, for every analytics event, it can give you a group of users who are most likely and a group of users who are least likely to execute that event. …


Vladimir Jovanović

Android Developer @FlixBus |

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