There is a thought that comes to me sometimes. May be it’s obvious, but... There are all kinds of people in each country. Wonderful people, passive people, destructive people, any mix, and almost anything that comes to your mind. The greatest minds didn’t live in a single place on Earth before and they do not now. There is so much of inspiration that comes from all over the world. Arts, new medical approaches to cure illnesses, useful technologies that weren’t thought to be possible just recently. So why do i need to prefer wonderful people of my particular country and to be proud of them more than wonderful people of any other country?
The territory that bounds the people I’m proud of doesn’t match any country border. It’s all around the world, it lives in all the efforts to make the world a better place, in peaceful attitude. And it’s not about scale. If you support the people you care about, if you’re enjoying your life without harming others that’s important part of making the world better as well.
This is what i feel as my real country. And i support it wholeheartedly.